Beauty. Feminine. Peace. Nature. All core aspects of Sanchia's creations

Living in northern Brisbane, Sanchia finds the pace of modern life can be intrusive, so she draws on her rural childhood, and connection to feminine spirit to create deeply harmonious art, whisking viewers away to magical places.

Sanchia began her career in the fashion industry, due to her love for feminine beauty. After realising the most pleasure was from drawing the female face and form, she evolved into becoming an artist, doing just what she desired.

Her artworks are created to inspire, to bring peace, to give permission to be feminine, beautiful, soft and powerful in a confused modern world.

Having experienced anxiety and OCD since her teens, Sanchia knows the benefits of using art to escape from the everyday, to promote mental well-being and to balance our inner selves.

Everything in this life is intertwined, woven together and pulsing with the same amazing life force and energy. Sanchia is no stranger to living an unconventional life - in a way that feels right for her; a lover of homeopathy, acupuncture, and living clean and healthy. Along with her husband Josh, they have been unschooling their three kids for a decade. This journey alone has changed her life and her art, allowing for freedom and the rich rewards of explorative learning.

Sanchia has collectors of her artwork across the globe. She has been included in the finalists of the Australian Watercolour Muster and has painted watercolour portraits for the prestigious Archibald and Brisbane Portrait Prizes.