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15 Aug 2023

Get ready for a fresh adventure - "The Trailblazer's Palette with Sanchia Marshall" podcast is here! 🌟

Join me as we dive into the stories of those who've turned their passions into thriving businesses and fulfilling lives. Let's explore inspiring journeys and uncover insights to spark your creativity and ambition. 🎉

Stay tuned for a world of passion, resilience, and endless possibilities! 🌈💪

The first two episodes are now live and ready for your ears!

Grab your headphones, find a comfy spot, and join us on this inspiring adventure! 🚀🎨 Tune in now on your favourite podcast platform. Let's paint a world of inspiration together!


4 Jun 2023

What an incredible night it was at the Limelight Art Showcase in Deception Bay! I am beyond excited to share that my artwork 'Nephele' has found its perfect match! A lovely little girl instantly fell in love with it, and her sweet Dad made sure to bring it home for her room. It's moments like these that remind me why I do what I do—connecting with people through art and seeing it bring joy to their lives is truly priceless.
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2 Apr 2023

“How I learnt”

16 Mar 2023

“Living with Anxiety”

1 Nov 2022

Back to the drawing board.

I love practicing drawing and when I take the time to get into it it's a mix of pure delight and frustration. A desire to create better but having to take the time to learn is calming for my obsessive thinking 💕✏️

1 Jul 2022

'The Fantasy'

The chase is over,

She has taken off her restrictive shoes and tossed them aside.

She now walks barefoot, connecting with the earth as its beacons her home

So friend, if you are waiting, she is not coming.

She is out in the woods with the soft green moss, finding faerie folk amongst the willow trees.

She is swimming naked down pebble lined streams, the cool water enveloping her entire being

She feels alive, she has let go, she has found her peace.

She is crystal clear about what she wants in her life moving forward.

She whispers it to the moon and the stars and they respond with a gleam

So friend, you are welcome to join her on the journey,

But she is not coming, she is not chasing.

She has let go of the fantasy because she is it.

The chase is over,

She is home.

17 May 2022

'The Interlude'

The air is crisp as it envelops me. I feel the soft earth beneath me as I walk, moisture wicking into the fabric of my socks. Frost coats the grass shimmering like little crystals embedded in the beauty of nature.

I can hear birds call from the distant trees, bringing with them the first morning light. The cool colours dance in a harmony together as the sky shifts preparing for the birth of a new day.

Delicate feathered blooms sway in front of me, they feel so soft as I hold my hand against them.

This moment is so precious, the juncture between night ending and day beginning. An in-between to be savoured.

I am at an in-between of life, between mastering an old craft and learning a new one, between mothering young kids and tweens and teens, between loving the old me and nurturing the new me. I have been trying to savour it, to pace myself, to let go and surrender, to deeply feel the myriad of emotions like frustration, excitement and obsession that have come with this in-between.

I am reminded of the beauty of the interlude. The interlude brings with it respite and breathing space, its not a fresh start, but a transition to the next part and its magical

2 Feb 2022

I love creating a feeling and to have that come through in a painting. What more beautiful a way to hold on to that beauty and immersion of feeling is there? It's magical like a fantasy land and I love playing there.

We are told to stop daydreaming and not to live in that fantasy land, but as an artist, I say it's essential. It is a must to what I do, to bring something otherworldly to my works, to be free and completely me.

I'm slowly learning through art and sharing it to be the truest version of myself that I can be. It's what I've desired for so very long. When I'm happy and I love what I do it can only flow on into my work for the better.

As I set up to paint with essential oils on, music playing to suit the feeling or mood I'm wanting that day, I am devoted to the exploration of what it is to be an artist, to be a woman, to love and embrace all facets of that.

Sometimes I get deja vu like I've been here, right now, before. It's a calling and as you answer with every cell in your being, a whisper gets louder. Its a lullaby here on earth, a song that is only yours to sing a dance that is only yours to dance, a painting that is only yours to paint ❤️🖌️

'Moonlit Maiden' previously sold

8 Jan 2022

'Interlace & Flourish'

As I take a long, slow breath, familiarity washes over me. With my eyes closed softly, I can see pulsating colours dance against the darkness of my eyelids

Bird calls swirl in the distance, mingling with the soft music playing in my studio. I feel a cool breeze brush across my skin, refreshing after a humid rainy day. Here feels so perfect, safe, and beautiful.

I'm here right now, meditating and visualising. All over me, flowers bloom, bud, then burst. Their soft velvet petals caress my skin tenderly. As I take another leisurely breath in, the lovely perfume fills the air and my lungs. I can hear native bees buzzing around, gathering precious pollen.

Reality and imagination interlace so beautifully, joining together to form a whole, like the soft green vine winding its way up my leg. Isn't this what it means to be a woman, and what it means to be creative? Absolutely, without question. Living, breathing, creating, bringing to life, and allowing our world to flourish.

Artwork, from my sketchbook.

4 Jan 2022


Excitement fills me as I run down the hill, through the open paddock. I feel the grass hitting gently against my shins and the wind tugging at my hair. I run and run and run.

Stopping I rest my hands on my knees to catch my breath for a moment. I can hear the crickets chirping in the creek beyond. I breathe in the summer air, it smells like fresh grass and warm sunshine. I flop myself down into the soft green expanse.

Looking up I see the big blue sky, the expanse makes me feel free. The distant blue mountains remind me this is home. Closer to me are an array of wild flowers bobbing their heads happily. Pink, blue, yellow, white....soooo many colours and yet all beautiful together.

I pick a bright yellow dandelion and notice how the vibrancy bounces off my own skin as I hold it near.

I am just like a wild flower. Unique, my own stunning colour, shining my own vibrancy, adding to the mix, creating beauty.

This life is just a dream, remember who you are wildflower, before everything! 🌼