6 Gwenn Seemel: Painting Outside the Lines

In this episode, we explore the vibrant and boundary-pushing world of Gwenn Seemel, an extraordinary artist who's been reshaping the art scene since 2003. Starting her journey in France and Portland, Oregon, Gwenn now creates her innovative pieces from her studio in Lambertville, New Jersey.

Her work is bold and thought-provoking, using a unique polka-dot cubist style to explore issues of identity, connection, and mental health. She's not just an artist; she's a rule-breaker and a storyteller, especially evident in her impactful series 'Everything’s Fine,' where she brings the conversation around anxiety and mental health to the forefront.

During our conversation, Gwenn opens up about her unique path in the art world, one that's marked by a fierce independence and a decision to sidestep social media. She delves into her creative process, her drive to challenge artistic norms, and the profound satisfaction of creating work that resonates deeply with today's societal challenges.

But this episode goes beyond just sharing art talk. It's a glimpse into the heart and mind of an artist committed to her craft and her message, offering insights on perseverance, authenticity, and the power of art to communicate and connect.

Discover more about Gwenn and her transformative art by visiting her website at https://gwennseemel.com/

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6: Gwenn Seemel: Painting Outside the Lines