Inner World: Refresh


We know how powerful colour and visualisation is for improving our lives and reminding us of our dreams and desires. Art invites the opportunity to experience those rare moments when you are lifted above the hustle and bustle of daily life, your sense of self fades away and you feel connected to a higher reality.

Each of the Inner World series is a powerful visual anchor, an affirmation, a meditation of that which you desire to create and nurture in your life! We don't always understand that we are the authors of our stories and can change the way we're telling them. At a glance, you are now reminded of that.

Each piece: ignite; transform; refresh; calm; and love, have specific healing colours and harmonious visuals in an elegant silhouette. Infused in each artwork are beautiful touches like shimmering luminescent watercolors. Just like nature has optical surprises in the colors that you see, so does each inner world painting. Each artwork has violet subtly added, the colour with the highest vibration.

Refresh: was inspired by a new season, the time to contemplate and take a deep breath, soaking in the beauty surrounding you. A dreamy landscape of pines and shimmery tree branches surrounded by mist, mountains and an abundant sky. Its just pure magic.

Each person will feel something different as they connect with each artwork. Which speaks to your heart, fills your soul and reminds you of the beauty you desire in your life?

Each piece is A3 in size and comes mounted in a framing mat that fits easily into any standard 16 x 20-inch frame.

Please Note: On different devices colours may vary slightly.
Medium Watercolour on paper
Height 42 cm / 16.5 in
Width 29.7 cm / 11.7 in