Moonlit Maiden


Peaceful and immersive. She is lit by the moon in a quiet space, her inner world reflecting the outer. Cool arctic blue and pastel mist set the base of this serene painting.

I wrote this at the same time as creating this piece 'Moonlit' Maiden'. It is definitely my favourite.

I love creating a feeling and to have that come through in a painting. What more beautiful way to hold on to that beauty and immersion of feeling is there? It's magical like a fantasy land and I love playing there.

We are told to stop daydreaming and not to live in that fantasy land, but as an artist, I say it's essential. It is a must to what I do, to bring something otherworldly to my works, to be free and completely me.

I'm slowly learning through art and sharing it to be the truest version of myself that I can be. It's what I've desired for so very long. When I'm happy and I love what I do it can only flow on into my work for the better.

As I set up to paint with essential oils on, music playing to suit the feeling or mood on wanting that day I am devoted to the exploration of what it is to be an artist, to be a woman to love and embrace all facets of that.

Sometimes I get deja vu like I've been here, right now, before. It's a calling and as you answer with every cell in your being, a whisper gets louder. Its a lullaby here on earth, a song that is only yours to sing a dance that is only yours to dance, a painting that is only yours to paint

Original acrylic painting on a stretched canvas, ready to hang, framed with Tasmanian oak, and finished with a protective varnish. 

Please Note: On different devices colours may vary slightly.
Medium Acrylic
Height 42.2 cm / 16.6 in
Width 52.5 cm / 20.7 in
Depth 3 cm / 1.2 in