Petites Jan 1


Welcome to 2019, my first artwork of the year and of the 365 day art challenge! I woke up this morning and headed to my studio to draw. My beautiful neighbour was in her yard and I heard her telling her cat to get inside as he was trying to escape as he does everyday. My mind went to cats....tigers...a tigress. perfect! Wild and untamed but not a tigress in the traditional sense that we think of a woman that way. I remembered Brene Brown and her talk on vulnerability and I know that we have such strength in our softness. So I have created a tigress a gentle, beautiful, vulnerable one with a white tiger with its serene energy at her side. The perfect daily reminder of your strength and majestic fierceness in 2019!

Please Note: On different devices colours may vary slightly.
Height 21 cm / 8.3 in
Width 14.8 cm / 5.8 in
Series Petites