Remembering Flowers


I was swept away into another universe as soon as the gentle sounds of "Remembering Flowers" began to play. My imagination was flooded with images of velvety rose petals, smooth ivory keys, and gentle rays of warm sunbeams reflecting across sensual skin and worn floor boards.

I felt an overwhelming urge to create something soft, beautiful and feminine.

Colour plays a huge role for me in creating a piece, so I needed it to be elegant and simple using just three colours Galaxie Rosa, Indigo and gold.

The colour indigo is peaceful and represents inner wisdom, making it the perfect choice when you need to connect with your own insights.

Galaxie Rosa is a cool pink, we see it in a rose petal or blush of a cheek. It carries with it tenderness and affection, the flush of first love and the nurturing of femininity.

Finally, gold imparts wisdom, spirituality, and a profound insight of oneself and one's soul.

These exquisite watercolours flowed together to form a work that has stolen my heart. She sits besides the piano, her back delicately laced with silk straps, recalling his aroma and the flowers he bought her that late summer evening.

I am excited to reveal...

'Remembering Flowers'
It was on a steamy, late summer evening that he first brought her flowers. Their sweet pungent perfume lingered in the still, humid night air, along with his warm musky scent. She left them on the piano, and as their leaves dried and their petals fell over the keys, she remembered him with soft, gentle sadness… the dying flowers an ephemeral wilting reminder of a fleeting moment of bliss.

To hear the original single by talented musician Richard Goldsworthy listen here

Please Note: On different devices colours may vary slightly.
Medium Watercolour on paper
Height 76 cm / 29.9 in
Width 56 cm / 22.0 in