The Missing Piece


Paint your life in bright colours and bold strokes. 

She embodies strength, all the while embracing her vulnerability as an essential part of the mix.

When you’re in a room with her that missing piece is found. Get lost in her, be reminded of your own inner strength and beautiful vulnerability. Soft but strong, her incredible colour mix is truly mind-blowing.

Bold purple strokes capture a magnetic mystery eluding to deep wisdom and transformation. Purple sparks the imagination and encourages creativity. It inspires us to divulge our innermost thoughts. As a result, we gain a more profound understanding of who we are.

Magenta flushes with femininity and romance, but it holds a more profound meaning. Magenta doesn’t conform to society. It likes being cut from a different cloth. When surrounded by magenta, it’s not uncommon to feel more in tune with the universe. Emotions and values are in alignment, and all seems to be well. With magenta, you can find a sense of balance.

Turquoise calmly envelops her, flowing femininity like water. It is the colour of calmness and clarity. Turquoise stabilises emotions and increases empathy and compassion. It emits a cool calming peace that both heals and balances our feelings. As a result, we gain emotional stability.

White refreshingly offers balance and simplicity to these other powerhouse colours. It makes you feel good and promotes open-mindedness and self-reflection

Streaks of shimmering bronze offer strength and support. It is a colour that uplifts, motivates and soothes.

By mixing these powerhouse colours together ‘The Missing Piece’ is a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork.  She dares you to see the world in bright, bold colours. 

Please Note: On different devices colours may vary slightly.
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Height 122 cm / 48.0 in
Width 102 cm / 40.2 in
Depth 3.5 cm / 1.4 in